State Family Caregiving Task Forces

Since 2014, 12 states have created family caregiving task forces through legislation or executive order. These task forces draw in stakeholders with lived experience and professional expertise to take inventory of existing programs and recommend actions that improve caregiver supports. Many of the reports from task forces highlight the challenges caregivers face and how new policies and programs can assist family caregivers.

Though task forces do not have the power to enact legislation or policy, their recommendations help guide policymakers in identifying and enacting policy changes to support family caregivers in a state. Multiple states have increased funds for caregiver services and passed supportive legislation recommended by task forces. The task forces presented in this map are initiated or sponsored by state legislatures or governors and include a focus on family caregivers of older adults.

This map is part of the RAISE Family Caregiver Resource and Dissemination Center’s State Policy Roadmap to assist states in enhancing services and supports available to family caregivers. This initiative is generously funded by The John A. Hartford Foundation and RRF Foundation for Aging.

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