ABCD Resource Center

The ABCD Electronic Resource Center is designed to provide state policymakers, primary care providers and other child and family service providers with easy access to research and resources that they can use to promote early childhood health and development.  The resources in this ERC confirm findings from the ABCD Consortia that there are three factors critical to success:

  • A simultaneous focus on policy improvement at the state level and quality improvement at the primary care provider practice level.
  • The creation of a public/private quality improvement partnership that explicitly includes children’s primary care provider leadership.
  • The development of policies with stakeholder input and based on practical experience.

Specifically, four types of resources are available in the Resource Center.

  1. NASHP-CMWF Resources: A myriad of Commonwealth Fund grantees and colleagues, and other national leaders, have developed resources that states and childen’s primary care provider can use to promote effective identification of children with or at-risk for problems in pediatric care settings. Furthermore, NASHP has supported, analyzed and disseminated these states’ efforts through products designed to support collaborative state efforts and spread promising practices to other states. This includes a series of publications over the duration of the ABCD initiative, click to visit the ABCD Publications Library to view these documents.
  2. State-specific Resources: States that participated in the ABCD consortia have developed resources and tools that others can adapt and adopt.
  3. Peer Reviewed:  Resources in this category are mostly academic, published in scientific periodicals and have been evaluated prior to publication. In most cases, the findings in these products continue to be studied and are crucial to the progress of the early childhood development field.
  4. Other Resources:  Resources in this catch-all category include additional publications, websites and additional information relevant for those engaged in efforts to improve the quality of health and developmental services to young children.
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