50-State Scan of State Certificate-of-Need Programs

May 22, 2020/ by Adney Rakotoniaina and Johanna Butler

A certificate of need (CON) program is a state regulatory tool that controls the number of health care resources in an area. CON laws require a hospital or health system to demonstrate community need before establishing or expanding a health care facility or service. State CON laws differ, but generally address:

  • The types of health care facilities requiring CONs;
  • Activities that trigger CON review;
  • The agency or board that reviews applications; and
  • The information considered during a CON review.

This interactive map is based on a review of state statutes, administrative codes, websites, and other documents and was reviewed by nearly all states with CON programs.* To learn more, read the National Academy for State Health Policy’s blog, 50-State Scan Shows Diversity of State Certificate-of-Need Laws or visit the Center for Health System Costs

*At the time of publication, Alabama, Georgia, North Carolina, and South Carolina were still in the review process.

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