Trish Riley, Executive Director


Anita Cardwell, Policy Specialist

Amy Clary, Policy Specialist

Chiara Corso, Research Assistant

Hannah Dorr, Research Assistant

Carrie Hanlon, Program Director

Felicia Heider, Policy Analyst

Maureen Hensley-Quinn, Program Director

Scott Holladay, Program Manager

Kate Honsberger, Policy Specialist

Diane Justice, Senior Program Director

Neva Kaye, Managing Director, Health System Performance

Taylor Kniffin, Research Assistant

Tamara Kramer, Policy Specialist

Christina Cousart, Policy Specialist

Najeia Mention, Research Assistant

Kimm Mooney, Policy Analyst

May Paquete, Research Assistant

Jennifer Reck, Project Director

Jill Rosenthal, Senior Program Director

Andrew Snyder, Program Manager

Ledia Tabor, Program Manager

Mary Takach, Senior Program Director

Rachel Thomas, Policy Specialist

Charles Townley, Policy Specialist

Karen VanLandeghem, Senior Program Director

Alice Weiss, Program Director

Barbara Wirth, Program Manager

Katharine Witgert, Senior Program Director

Rachel Yalowich, Policy Analyst

Sarabeth Zemel, Program Director


Steve Cannon, Business Manager

Cindy O’Connell, Executive Assistant

Ellen Schneiter, Chief Operations Officer

Ellen J. Toups, Development Director

Nicole Vaughan, Finance Director


Melanie Feliciano, Multimedia Specialist

Jennifer Laudano, Senior Director of Communications & Community Engagement

Ashlee Maxfield, Conference and Events Manager

Lesa Rair, Director of Communications