Making Medicaid Work for the 21st Century: Improving Health and Long-Term Care Coverage for Low-Income Americans

This report identifies numerous opportunities for strengthening the Medicaid program and enabling it to continue to play a critical role in the country’s health care system. The report draws upon the work of a group of experts with a broad range of experience in the Medicaid program. The report’s detailed recommendations identify opportunities for improvement in all areas of the Medicaid program and include calls for simplifying and expanding eligibility; increasing program flexibility for optional populations; improving coordination and integration with the Medicare program and private insurance; adjusting current financing mechanisms; and providing states with tools to manage the long-term care system and, in the process, rebalance the institutional and home and community-based care systems.
Vernon Smith
Debbie Chang, Jennie Bonney
Charles Milligan, Dann Milne
January 2005
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