• What the American Health Care Act Means for States

    NASHP is pleased to provide this snapshot of the provisions of the just- released American Health Care Act, summarizing where the bill will affect state health policy and how it differs from the Affordable Care Act.  This review builds on our earlier chart that provided an overview of ACA provisions and a snapshot of the implications to states if the ACA is repealed. This is a preliminary review and we will provide more detail as we drill into the provisions. We encourage states to let us know your concerns as we identify opportunities and challenges that confront states as the ACA repeal and replacement plans advance.

  • State Checklist: Medicaid-Related Provisions Impacted by an ACA Repeal

    This worksheet, originally created by the Virginia Department of Medical Assistance Services (DMAS), identifies key requirements of the ACA that impact state Medicaid and CHIP programs and poses questions for state officials to consider in preparing for actions that may need to be taken upon repeal. NASHP is pleased to share this tool allowing other states to preliminarily assess the impact of repeal on state Medicaid programs and identify efforts that would need to be taken upon repeal.

  • Children’s Health Insurance Resources

    Through Medicaid and the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP), states and the nation have made substantial progress in covering children and improving their access to quality health care supporting healthy growth and development. With ongoing funding from the David and Lucile Packard Foundation, NASHP has supported, analyzed, and reported on state efforts to extend children’s coverage since the CHIP program’s inception, building on our longstanding work on Medicaid.

  • State Legislative Action on Pharmaceutical Prices

    As part of our Pharmacy Cost Work Group, an ongoing project that looks beyond the strategies currently used in states to identify and develop new ideas which address the growing problem of prescription drug costs, NASHP has been tracking state legislative actions to control the rising cost of prescription drugs. This series of maps and accompanying chart summarize state legislation that has been introduced during the 2017 legislative season related to the workgroup’s policy proposals for reducing drug costs


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