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  • August 2014

    This series explores the evolution of primary care systems to better meet the needs of consumers with complex health conditions. It demonstrates that changes in the workforce are required to empower consumers to better manage their health.

    The series is a collaboration of the National Academy for State Health Policy and the AARP Public Policy Institute. We recognize that it takes a team of skilled professionals to deliver improved chronic care. In this series, we focus on how registered nurses—who make up the largest segment of the health care workforce—are being deployed in ambulatory delivery systems to take on new roles. Future series will focus on other members of the health care team.

  • August 2014

    Download the Full Roadmap Report 

    Making informed decisions aimed at improving health care access and quality in a rapidly changing health care environment is hard. Recent interest by the federal government and others in funding comparative effectiveness research (CER) and patient-centered outcomes research (PCOR) will provide new resources to help inform decision making by policymakers and all involved in the health care system. The purpose of this Roadmap is to guide policymakers in the use of CER and PCOR, as well as other research to support the decision-making process.

  • August 2014

    Various resources and programs are available to help state health policymakers use evidence-based findings to better inform their decision-making. Due to recent investments from the federal government, two forms of research, Comparative Effectiveness Research (CER) and Patient-Centered Outcomes Research (PCOR), are being used more often to shape state health care policies across the country.  CER provides evidence on the comparative risks and benefits of different interventions and PCOR provides research on outcomes and priorities that patients have identified as most significant. In addition to supplying key background information on CER and PCOR, this report provides examples of current programs used by state policymakers to support the generation, synthesis, analysis, and implementation of this research in policy decision-making. 

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